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Our team has more than 50 years of experience in the field of chalcogenide crystals. For more than 30 years we have been providing commercial supplies of nonlinear and laser materials worldwide.

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We are open to new contacts, ready to take part in joint research and scientific projects.
An advanced cultivation technology has been developed, and large-sized high-quality crystals are ready for commercial supplies: BaGa4Se7, BaGa4S7, BaGa2GeSe6, BaGa2GeS6, Ba2Ga8GeS16.
We are the only manufacturer of large-sized HgGa2S4 crystals. You can order it by clicking on the link HgGa2S4. You can also order the Hg1-xCdxGa2S4 crystal.
The following elements of high optical quality are also grown: Ag3AsS3, Ag3SbS3, AgGaS2, AgGaSe2, AgGa1-x InxS2, AgGaxIn1-xSe2, AgGaGeS4, AgGaGe5Se12, HgGa2S4, Hg1-xCdxGa2S4, PbIn6Te10, PbGa6Te10, PbGa2S4, PbGa2S4, PbGa2Se4, Pb2Ga2Se5 , PbIn2Se4. , Pb1- xCaxIn6Te10, Tl4HgI6, PbGa2GeSe6, GaSe and others.
Our group can conduct research on the development of technology for growing single crystals in accordance with your research assignment, as well as synthesize the chalcogenide compound you need in any quantity.
We are always looking for and developing new crystals. Now crystals have been grown whose properties have not been studied or have not been fully studied, for example:
HgIn2Se4, HgIn2S4, Fe2In2Te5, Fe2In2Se5, FeMnGa2Se5.
We invite you to study these and many other materials together.
The website will be supplemented with information about new research directions of our scientific group and commercially available materials.

Dmitry Badikov
+7 961 5802414
350063 Russia. Krasnodar, Pushkin str., 23, separate. 13

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